The Night Watchman

  • 95 min
  • Thriller
  • 2015 (France)
10 / 10


Jamais de la Vie

– Franck works as a night watchman in a shopping mall. Ten years before he was a different man but now he lives a dreary life where every day and every night are the same. That is until one night he sees an SUV roaming around the parking lot. Curiosity awakens in him and causes him to intervene.



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Q&A with the director

Pierre Jolivet was a recognized screenwriter when his first feature film was nominated for a César award.

The thirst for social justice is often his characters’ driving force as well as the reason of their isolation.

He is himself an advocate for the French “cultural exception”.

His 17th film, Victor and Célia, will be released in France in April.